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Anti Ragging Cell

Through proactive measures Anti-Ragging Cell fosters a sense of belongingness, mutual respect and collective responsibility, thereby creating a student friendly campus.

St.Joseph’s College for Women has adopted a 'Zero-Tolerance policy'; towards ragging, as mandated by the Supreme Court, UGC guidelines, and State Government Instructions. The college is committed to maintaining a ragging-free campus to protect the dignity and well-being of its students. Any student found guilty of ragging or aiding in ragging will face severe consequences as per the law.

The vision of St.Jospeh’s College for Women ,Alappuzha is to create a campus environment free from ragging. This objective is achieved by promoting democratic values, fostering tolerance, empathy, compassion, and sensitivity among students. By cultivating these qualities, the college aims to shape responsible citizens who understand the importance of respecting each other's dignity and well-being.

Anti Ragging Policy
As per the UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Institutions, 2009, ragging is defined by one or more of the following acts:

Any behavior, whether through spoken or written words or actions, that involves teasing, rudeness, or mistreatment of a fresher or any other student.

Engaging in rowdy or undisciplined activities that cause annoyance, hardship, physical or psychological harm, or instill fear or apprehension in a fresher or any other student.

Requesting a student to perform acts that they would not normally do, leading to feelings of shame, torment, embarrassment, or adverse effects on the physical or mental well-being of the fresher or any other student.

Actions by senior students that disrupt or disturb the regular academic activities of any other student or fresher.

Exploiting the services of a fresher or any other student to complete academic tasks assigned to individuals or groups of students.

Engaging in any act of financial extortion or imposing forceful expenditure on a fresher or any other student by their peers.

In essence, these regulations aim to prevent any form of ragging on campuses and protect the dignity, physical and psychological well-being of students, particularly the fresher or newer students. Violation of these regulations can lead to serious consequences and punitive measures as per the law.


Writing of an apology letter/Warnings.

Withholding or withdrawing scholarships, fellowships, and other benefits.

Prohibition from participating in any test, examination, or evaluation process.

Temporary suspension from attending classes and academic privileges.

Temporary or permanent removal from the hostel.Temporary exclusion from the institution for a period ranging from one to four semesters.

Withholding of academic results. Ineligibility to represent the institution in regional, national, or international events, tournaments, youth festivals, etc.

Permanent dismissal from the institution and subsequent disqualification from seeking admission to any other institution for a specified duration.

Chairman- Dr Sr Usha A A

Coordinator- Ms Divya Mary Varghese


Teaching Faculty - Dr Rejimol Jose, Ms Anjali George

Non - Teaching Faculty - Smt Reeni Joseph, Smt Celine K S

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