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The "Maitreyi Awards" is an esteemed recognition program established by St. Joseph’s College for Women to encourage and honor teachers who have demonstrated exceptional academic and research output during the academic year. Named after the ancient Indian scholar and philosopher, Maitreyi Awards serve to appreciate the relentless efforts of faculty members in contributing to research and knowledge dissemination within the institution. Instituted in the year 2021-22, Maitreyi Awards serve as a platform to recognize, encourage, and celebrate academic and research achievements among the college's faculty members. By doing so, the institution aims to cultivate a vibrant research culture, inspire faculty members, and promote a collective pursuit of excellence in teaching and research.

The college recognises the importance of research and aims to encourage and support its faculty members in their scholarly pursuits. The institution has been conducting a Research Support and Promotion Scheme called "Anudaan” since 2018 to achieve this goal. Under this scheme, faculty members can seek financial assistance from IQAC to cover registration or membership fees related to conferences and academic, professional bodies. The primary objective of the "Anudaan" scheme is to promote and facilitate the active engagement of faculty members in research and academic activities.

Research and Development cell conducts  Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and entrepreneurship seminars to create awareness on different research activities.

It was envisaged as a hub to promote activities related to the native and quintessential culture of Kerala: its indigenous songs, dances and oral literature; to preserve its folklore in addition to the regional and tribal knowledge; to open up a whole world rich with facets of life and livelihood that is fast disappearing at the onslaught of globalization and its potent and pervasive market forces. 

The National Conference RICERCA 2022 was organized  with the aim of providing a virtual platform to students of undergraduate and  postgraduate from all disciplines, research scholars and faculty to show case their  multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research talents and exchange of research ideas nationally after undergoing rigorous review process. Among 119 entries from 9 disciplines 101 research papers were selected after peer review for quality and innovation. The online student project presentation was from 20-09-2022 to 18-10-2022 and the abstracts selected and plenary talks are compiled as proceedings. Among each category of research presentation for each subject best researcher with best presentation were evaluated nationally by eminent scholars from respective subjects and was awarded “EXCELSIOR AWARD”, for encouragement second and third place were also given certificate of merit.

The research and Development cell organogram depicts framework of research activities on the campus.

Research and Development cell reports for the academic year enclose vibrant activities conducted to upskill research aptitude among students.