Department of Physics


The history of the department of Physics is as old as the very beginning of  the institution.  Degree Programme in Physics was started in the year 1966 and Post Graduation in the year 2001.The very  first Head of the Department, Prof. Chandrika Devi was a fine blend of simplicity, sincerity, commitment and dedication.  She  retired in  the year 1990 leaving the chair open to experienced faculty and the department was lucky to partake of the services of distinguished professors  – Prof. Tresa Panjikkaran, Prof. Leelamma Joseph, Prof. Elsamma Job, Prof. Lylamma Scaria, Prof. Mariamma Joseph, Prof. Lalithamma N.V., Prof.  Sreedevi P, Prof. Sophiamma Joseph,  Dr.  Ancy Manuel, Dr. Jesintha John C. and  Dr. Lusamma Joseph.

Dr. Rose Leena Thomas has been the head of the department from the year 2019-20. All the teachers of the department are committed to the task of not mere teaching and curriculum but have been and still are enthusiastic to walk the extra mile for the overall development of the students, moulding them into morally upright and socially committed persons.


To inspire, encourage and to illuminate the students  in such a way as to help in application of knowledge and wisdom gained in the course of their study.


Physics opens up immense opportunities to the students to pursue careers in research and development, science, engineering, medicine, defence research, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded systems, Remote sensing, GIS and the military field. They can also take advantage of the various research and internship opportunities available, that will help prepare them for a career of their choice and will enable the students apply their knowledge for a better living, a better nation and the creation of a better world .

Milestones of the department

BSc Physics:1966

MSc Physics: 2001

NET  Coaching: 2010

Minor Research Lab for MSc projects:2012

UGC Sponsored National Seminar:2014

DST FIST sponsored department:2016

Energy Club :2017

Membership in ECS:2018

Funded MSc projects: 2018 onwards

Seminar /Symposia/Workshop funding KSCSTE: 2019

100% Teachers with Ph.D: 2020

Faculty research awards, Faculty as reviewers: 2020-2021

International & National Level Workshops/Webinars/ Conferences Organized- ICRTNM :2021

National SDP Nodal institute: IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial, Virtual Lab Nodal Centre :2021 

Sparkle LED Assembling :2021

National Conference on Materials For Societal and Industrial Applications - NCMISA: 2022

Faculty as research guides :2023




M.Sc. Physics

B.Sc. Physics

Certificate courses offered 

  1. Artificial Intelligence- Robotics
  2. National Level Student Development Programme on Python 3.4.3 from the pioneer of software training:IIT Bombay
  3. Research Skills & Techniques in collaboration with Library & RDC
  4. Fundamentals of Electricity & it's Domestic Applications in collaboration with Energy Management Centre