Department of Home Science


Home Science is an ever growing, dynamic interdisciplinary field, in the faculty of science that prepares its students to develop themselves with multiple vocational and career options. Home Science is a burgeoning field with full of possibilities and on that, is expected to see a remarkable bloom over the next decade. The far-sighted vision and zealous effort of the founders of college has culminated in the establishment of the department of Home Science, affiliated to University of Kerala in June 1960, under the initiative of Sr. Olive Rodrigues who was the second Principal of the college.

The goal of our programme includes not only preparing students to earn the academic credentials, but also pursue to function in society as a professional, upon which practitioner competency can be built.

Milestones of the Department

Established in the year: 1960
Vocational Course: B.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics (1999 - 2004)
M.Sc. Home Science (Nutrition and Dietetics): 2013

Pioneers of the Department

Mother Griselda Vettori (1962 – 1977)
Sr. Joyce De Melo (1978-1993)
Sr. Maria Chacko (1978- 1994)
Smt. Leela Cherian (1964-1997)
Smt. Baby J. Punnooran (1966-1998)
Ms. Kasturi Bai G B (1969-2000)
Smt. Lucy Sebastian (1981 – 2012)
The department completed 60 years of its meritorious service in 2020. Since its inception, the department has witnessed phenomenal growth from an undergraduate department, to a leading post-graduate department with a strong component of research. The department has been fortunate in receiving grants from the UGC and CPE fund for development of infrastructure, for strengthening teaching and research. Extension activity and outreach programmes are organized regularly by the department like medical camps, workshops and awareness programmes.

Vision of the department

Empowering women to be strong foundation for a better society by providing scientifically planned, multi-dimensional, skill oriented, personality development courses which enable youth to excel in areas of health, family care, community service and more importantly diverse career and professions in today’s context.


B.Sc. Home Science
M.Sc. Home Science - Nutrition and Dietetics