Department of Hindi


The Department of Hindi started functioning in 1954, by teaching Hindi as a second language at the Pre-University level. In 1956, the college was upgraded and Hindi continued to be the second language in the degree level also. During the first few years, Smt. Lilly, Smt. Thankammal and Smt. Jayalekshmy served the college, temporarily. Later Smt. Padmini Devi and Smt. Rajamma J joined the Department. Smt. Padmini Devi rendered her valuable services as the Head of the Department till 1980. After that, the Department was under the efficient leadership and guidance of Smt. J. Rajamma till 1992. Later Dr. K.V. Saraswathy took charge of the department till 2010. Smt. P. Usha Devi also made her contribution to the department as a lecturer till 2000. In the year 2010, Dr. Chithra NR took charge as the HOD and Dr. Sophia Mathew as her colleague. Both teachers brought a rare distinction in the teaching of Hindi. Dr. Sophia Mathew got retired from the college in 2015 and Dr. Chithra N R in the year 2016. Dr. Blessy V joined the Department as an Assistant Professor on contract in the year 2015. Smt Bijimol P B rendered her service for one year in the year 2016 and Dr. Mary Ria Dcouth joined as an Assistant Professor on contract in the year 2017. In December 2020 Dr. Blessy V joined as permanent faculty and the department runs under the guidance of Dr Blessy V, who is assisted by Dr Mary Ria Dcouth. Presently, Dr. Blessy V is serving as the Head of the Department.


BA/BSc. Additional Language

B.Com Additional Language 

BCE  Additional Language