Department of French


"La connaissance des langues est la porte de la sagesse." - Roger Bacon 
(Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom)

Mastering a foreign language undoubtedly opens before the students a wide range of opportunities for a bright future and at the same time enables them to explore and appreciate a different culture. And, the college proudly offers its students an opportunity to choose as their second language, a foreign language which is celebrated as the second most taught language in the world - le français. 

The Department of French was established in the year 1956. Rev. M. Olive Rodrigues was the first faculty of the French department. She became the second principal of the college and she served both as principal and as a faculty of French for 23 long years.

In the upcoming years, the Department was further enriched under the services of a number of distinguished Professors – Ms. Elizabeth (1980-1983), Ms. Lyla Das (1984-1986), Ms. Ester Renjini (1987-1991), Ms.Treasa (1989-1992), Ms. Mary Geetha Leon (1993-2018) and Ms. Anna Jacqueline (2018-2022). At present, French Department is gearing up to scale greater heights under the guidance of the new faculty, Ms. Caroline Clarence.

The students are being trained to achieve competency in the four language skills - reading, listening, speaking and writing. This will in turn enable them to utilize their French language proficiency to seek better job opportunities or to migrate to French-speaking countries for the purpose of higher education or occupation.

In this regard, the following programme outcomes have been set for the French language students:-

 * To familiarize the students with the techniques for learning a modern foreign language.

 * To enable the students to expertly use French for basic communication and functions in everyday situations.

 * To develop their translation/ interpretation skills from French to English and vice-versa.

 * To introduce the students to the rich world of French Literature.

 * To guide the students to explore and appreciate the French cultural & civilizational aspects.


BA/BSc. Additional Language

B.Com Additional Language 

BCE  Additional Language