Department of English

Journal Publications

  • Dr Neethu Das, Theatre as a Space of Resistance and Protest: Queer Politics and Colour of Trans, ADS81 Australasian Drama Studies, 2023
  • Dr Dhanya Joy, The Ineffable Silence: Demystifying Borges’s “The Writing of the God”, Dhristi: the sight, 2023
  • Anjali George, Repudiating The Masks: Nkem’s Transit To Reality Inliterary Gaming: An In-Depth Analysis On The Creative Interface Between Andy Campbell’s And Judi Alston’s Nightingale’s Playground And The 3d Game Backslide, Utkal Historical Research Journal, 2022
  • Niveditha B. Warrier, Dr Neethu Das, ‘Colour’ing the Rainbow: Exploring the Intersectionality of Caste and Class in Geeli Pucchi, Shodhasamhita : Journal of Fundamental & Comparative Research, 2022