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Sustainable Initiatives

Understanding the importance of collecting one of the freely available resources, the college set up rainwater harvesting tanks and rainwater percolation pits within the campus. With a storage capacity of 50, 75 and 1 Lakh litre, the tanks collect rainwater from rooftop and direct it to water purifiers installed in the college for its consumption as drinking water. Open wells are also there in the campus.


The college acknowledges the need to use clean and renewable energy as we move into the future. In an effort to be grid positive, we have installed solar panels which power half of the office. Through this visible commitment college aims to achieve climate goals for an energy-efficient and sustainable future.


College has established vermicomposting pits in the college campus. The waste of campus plants and garden is collected and dumped into the vermin-compost pit. The broken down organic matter is in turn used as fertilizer in plants.


College Hostel and canteen food waste is processed in the biogas plant to reduce waste and produce energy. The biogas produced is then used for cooking purposes in the hostel kitchen.


Awareness initiatives are organized in the college to develop positive environmental attitudes in all the students and staff members. Classes with experts and practitioners of proper waste management are organized. Colour-coded dustbins have been utilized for segregating the wastes. Incinerators are installed in all the toilets for proper disposal of sanitary pads. Used papers are collected from each department and given for recycling. E-Waste bins are set up, E-Waste drives are organised too.