College Resources

The Zoology museum in the college is a sight to behold. The specimens cascade across a few rooms piquing curiosity in the minds that pass through it every day. The museum houses 517 specimens from all of the phyla. A number of stuffed animals, models of DNA, human evolution, cell division are neatly displayed. A collection of shells, birds and their nests, human skeleton, skin shed of python and cobra are also exhibited. The museum specimens are utilized in practical classes of BSc Zoology main and subsidiary (BSc Home science and Botany) students. The museum is also opened to outsiders on request.

The Josephine Arboretum creates a platform for visualizing the diversity of flora in the campus. Tree canopies wall the campus and provide an assuring ambience to the campus dwellers. The Department of Botany maintains the botanical garden and has a good collection of indigenous medicinal plants and astrological plants. The garden consists of 129 plants with 35 medicinal plants and 26 fruit yielding plants.

The History Museum is a treasure trove of artefacts that echo our ancient culture. The vast array of coins, stamps, brass utensils, models give us a glimpse into the past world.