Former Principals
Championing excellence since 1954.
Venerable M Fernanda Riva fdcc

First Principal of St.Joseph's. An indispensable figure in shaping the future of the institution.

Rev Sr. Olive Rodrigues fdcc

A highly esteemed academic leader who played a vital role in shaping the institution's vision and direction.

Rev Sr. Josephine D' Mello fdcc

A Principal with strong leadership skills, a passion for education, and a commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment for students and faculty alike.

Rev Sr. Olive D' Silva fdcc

An impactful leader who built a legacy of learning.

Rev Dr. Sr. Annette Thottakkara fdcc

A chief administrator who oversaw all the aspects of the college's operations, from curriculum development and faculty management to student affairs and budget allocation.

Rev Dr. Sr. Rose Chacko fdcc

A leader who maintained high educational standards and lead by example to help build trust and credibility within the college community.

Rev Dr. Sr. Annie Mathew fdcc

A visionary who was open to innovative approaches which ensured that the college remained relevant and responsive to evolving educational trends.

Rev Sr. Leela Mappilacherry fdcc

A leader who played a pivotal role in shaping the institution's vision, mission, and strategic direction.

Rev Dr. Sr. Janat Augustine K fdcc

A champion of knowledge and innovation who transformed education with passion and purpose.

Dr. Sheena George

An advocate of academic and professional development, supporting students, faculty and staff to excel in their roles

Dr. Rita Latha D'coutho

A leader who embodied and promoted values that prioritize the welfare of individuals, encouraging kindness, empathy, and understanding in their actions and decision-making.