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St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha, is a prestigious institution standing at the vanguard of higher education for women in Kerala. Those who venture here are challenged to respond to a thriving atmosphere which demands innovation, adaptability and agility. In this era of constant change with 21st century needs, we have teachers who can keep up with the changing roles and a system that helps in expanding the skill set of the students according to the needs.

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To form intellectually proficient, morally upright, socially committed, technologically empowered and spiritually enthused young women who will contribute effectively to building a better society grounded in the values of truth, justice and love.


To provide value based education with the aim of nurturing socially responsible individuals capable of performing effectively in diverse roles.

Principal's Desk

Hearty Welcome to our esteemed institution of higher education, St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha!

As the twelfth Principal of this illustrious college, I feel privileged to lead an institution that was established with a noble vision - the empowerment of women. At St. Joseph's College for Women, we take great pride in being Canossian educators, accompanying young women on their transformative journey of education.

Since its inception, St. Joseph's College for Women has been a strong advocate for women's higher education in Alappuzha. Our mission is firmly rooted in the belief that excellence in both virtue and knowledge will empower our students to realize their unique career dreams. We relentlessy work to uphold our core values, which encompass intellectual proficiency, moral integrity, social commitment, technical skills, and spiritual growth. These values are not just words on paper but are deeply ingrained in the fabric of our institution, guiding every aspect of academic and social life. At St. Joseph's College for Women, we offer a nurturing and inclusive academic ambience that fosters  intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity. Our faculty and administrative staff are committed to going the extra mile to ensure the holistic formation of each individual. St. Joseph's College for Women is more than just an academic venue, it stands as a beacon of value addition to individuals, society, and our nation. Our alumni are a testament to the quality of education we offer. We take immense pride in their accomplishments and remain committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

With warm regards,

Dr. Sr. Usha. A

Dr. Sr. Usha Antony

St. Joseph's College for Women, Alappuzha

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